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Electrical Engineering 2017-18 Colloquia

Students: As a requirement for the EE 500 course you are asked to complete a questionnaire after each presentation. You have one week after each seminar to complete and submit the questionaire, which can be filled out here.

Colloquia will be at 4:35 in 162 Willard Building unless otherwise indicated.

Please contact Dr. Vishal Monga with any questions.

Speaker: Dr. Alanson Sample, Disney Research
EE faculty host: Dr. Ram Narayanan

Speaker: Birsen Yazici, professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
EE faculty host: Dr. Vishal Monga

Speaker: Seyedehaida Ebrahimi, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Penn State
EE faculty host: Dr. Vishal Monga

Speaker: Fauzia Ahmad, associate professor, Temple University
EE faculty host: Dr. Ram Narayanan

Speaker:  Blake Barber from Uber Advanced Technologies Group
EE faculty host: Dr. Ram Narayanan

Speaker: Puneet Singla, Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Penn State
EE faculty host: Dr. Vishal Monga


Speaker: Hosam Fathy, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Penn State
EE faculty host: Dr. Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri

Speaker: John Domico, Manager of Information Systems
EE faculty host: Victor Pasko

Speaker: Vanessa Eyer, Engineering Liaison Librarian
EE faculty host: Vishal Monga

Speaker: Alan Wagner, Penn State professor of Aerospace Engineering
EE faculty host: Minghui Zhu

Raj Mittra Distinguished Lecture Series info:

Distinguished Speakers are selected by EE faculty/EE500 coordinator in consultation with EE Department Head. Generally, there are two selected per semester (based on funding and at the discretion of the DH). The speaker should be a well-established individual at a university or industry.

A list of the speakers should be sent to the EE Administrator Coordinator (Below is the most recent list provided by Dr. Monga):

Speaker: Andrei Shkel​, University of Cali Irvine
EE Faculty Host: Srinivas Tadigadapa

Speaker: Stephen Forrest, Professor, University of Michigan
EE Faculty Host: Dr. Chris Giebink

Speaker: Jian-Ping Wang, University of Minnesota
EE Faculty Host: Qiming Zhang

Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Lina Kram, professor, Arizona State University
EE Faculty Host: Vishal Monga

Joel Trussel, professor North Carolina State University
Faculty Host: Kenneth Jenkins

Charles Bouman, professor, Purdue University
Faculty Host: Vishal Monga

Paul Meaney, professor, Dartmouth University
Faculty Host: Ram Narayanan



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