Advisory Board

Industrial and Professional Advising Committee

The Industrial and Professional Advisory Council (IPAC) is a select group of alumni from industry, government agencies, and academia who advise the department on academic issues and on current trends and future directions in engineering. The council meets regularly with EECS faculty and students to receive an update on the department, undergraduate and graduate programs and research activities.

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CSE IPAC Members:

Jason Armstrong, SID Security Education Academic Liasison (SEAL) to Penn State, NSA Security
Katie Barrett, retired, Software Development Manager, IBM
Donald Chavey, retired, Independent IT Consultant, IBM
Eric Gayle, Silicon Development, Google
David Hurry, Director of Applied Data Science, Merck
Igor Jablokov, Entrepreneur in Residence, Blacksone EN
Amy Purdy, Director of Power Storage, IBM
Shishpal Rawat, Director of Business Enabling Programs, Design Technology Solutions and Intel Capital
Rose Schooler, VP, Intel’s Internet of Things, Strategy and Technology Office
Eric Stahre, President and CEO, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Molecular Imaging and Computed Tomography (CT), GE Healthcare
Jan Uhrich, Chief Delivery Officer, Sutherland Global Services

EE IPAC Members:

Don Carretta, retired, Executive Director-Network, Verizon Wireless
Stephanie De Garay, Industry Team Lead, Rockwell Automation Inc.
Thomas Hartman, President, LB&A Consulting Group
Scott Morris, Deputy Director of Division of Preparedness and Response, U.S. NRC
Raymond Sharp, Director, Software & Digital Technologies
John Shavinsky, Chief Operating Officer, Intrepid Aviation Management, LLC
Jamie Steffie, Engineering Project Leader, Lutron Electronics


2016 School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Industrial and Professional Advisory Council.



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